Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Baron gets ready for rehab

Controversial actor Baron Geisler said he would once again seek professional medical assistance for his alcohol dependency after he lost a regular stint in a weekly TV show.

Baron, 26, said he is scheduled to meet with his doctor anytime this week.

Baron made the announcement during a recent lunch gathering for Purple Box apparel, which he endorses, admitting that he lost what could have been a regular slot on TV5’s horror series “Midnight DJ” because he arrived drunk on the set.

“My girlfriend broke up with me the night before the taping,” related Baron, who has been doing guesting stints on the show. “I got depressed. I had a few drinks before going to work. But I don’t get drunk every time there’s work — only when I’m depressed. I know it shouldn’t be an excuse, though.”

‘I’m sorry’

The actor said he regrets his mistake but insisted that he “never hurt anyone or treated anyone with disrespect” on the set. He also finished his scenes for ‘Midnight DJ’ for that last taping day, he added.

Baron had been involved in numerous drunken brawls in the past. One bar scuffle left him with two visible scars on the left cheek.

His mother eventually checked him into an alcohol rehab program.

“I’m different now,” Baron told a group of entertainment writers. “I used to lose control of myself when drunk. I used to be really scary. But I’m just very emotional. I know I’d eventually get pass this.”

Baron also denied involvement in the shooting of fellow actor Jake Cuenca’s SUV in Mandaluyong City last week. According to police reports, Jake was not inside his Ford Expedition when the incident happened.

“I’m not capable of doing that to anyone,” Baron said. “I don’t even have a gun. I hate guns. My guess is that, whoever did it, nag-trip lang kay Jake. Artista kasi. I don’t think Jake had trouble with anyone. He’s a good guy.”

Jake and Baron nearly figured in a fistfight on the set of “ASAP ’09” in January. Jake was angry with Baron over the “negative” things the latter reportedly said about his “Tayong Dalawa” co-star. A week later, the two actors announced they have decided to patch things up.

“Jake and I have become real chums after working together on the set. Only yesterday, we shared a lot of stuff about our love life,” said Baron. “I got to know him better at work. I think the guy is just misunderstood. Jake is really a great person.”

Baron is currently facing sexual harassment charges filed by “Pinoy Big Brother 2” fellow housemate Yayo Aguila’s daughter Patricia. He said he is looking forward to the pre-trial meeting set on April 14.

More projects

Despite the controversies hounding him, Baron said he is thankful that industry colleagues still trust him enough to give him TV and film projects. His performance in the Cinemalaya film fest entry “Jay,” by Francis Passion, has earned raves for the actor in numerous festivals abroad.

Aside from “Tayong Dalawa,” Baron is also seen in the Kapamilya show “Eva Fonda” and soon, in the romantic dramedy “The Wedding,” featuring Anne Curtis.

“This only means I’m doing something right — even though my personal life is a mess,” the actor said.


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