Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Baron reconciles with Kuya in Uber

Several days after Baron was forced evicted fromPBB, he gives his first interview today in Uber! And like most of us have set to do this new year, he also found his own resolution which involves embarking on a renewal program with the help of the show's very own resident psychiatrist Doc Randy. The actor says that he's willing to start afresh for the sake of his career. He still regrets the way he messed up his chance before but he remains optimistic that this is just another beginning for him.

More than his realizations, being able to hear Big Brother's voice again today certainly make things right for him. When he left last Thursday afternoon, he wasn't sure if the master of the famed yellow house had forgiven him for his transgressions. But now, Kuya patches up with his wild resident, explaining that he had forgiven him even before he made his exit. Still, the former reminds him to be strong enough to fight the temptations in the outside world. Laughing, Baron reiterates that he had been a good boy so far. He even quips that perhaps he will build a device on his phone that will instantly connect him to Kuya for him to be guided properly. Indeed, Big Brother loves him so much that he even honors his former boarder with a short video clip of his stint inside his abode since he didn't undergo the normal eviction night. As such, Baron seriously notes how grateful he is for the inspiring support and motivation that Big Brother has always extended him.

Meanwhile, Bianca also gives us a glimpse of the housemates current task which involves the making of a coin insignia that represents them as a whole. As it happens, Kuya provided them earlier with a P20,000 worth of coins that they counted this afternoon. After that, they start to form the symbol that they have chosen underneath the pool reminiscent of the Underwater Charades which they have played before also here in Uber. Can Gaby, Will, Riza, Ruben and Jon accomplish this feat yet again? And what exact design did they actually come up with?