Friday, July 18, 2008

Baron Geisler exposes “merchandise” in digital film

Actor Baron Geisler's movie in the ongoing Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival had people lining up at the Cultural Center of the Philippines as early as noontime, even though the film was set for a late night screening.

The film, director Francis Pasion’s "Jay," was already the most talked about movie of the festival.

The buzz was, Geisler would show his behind in the digital movie. True enough, he exposed not just his buttocks but his "merchandise" as well.

The actor said he had no difficulty carrying out his role.

"Hindi naman po ako nagkaroon ng second thoughts na gawin ang eksena na ‘yon. It was done tastefully naman po. Wala akong qualms na gawin ‘yon," said the actor of his controversial scene.

"Wala po sa akin ‘yon. Role lang naman po ‘yon. It’s okay po... Bahala na po sila kung ano ang isipin nila sa akin," he said.

Geisler plays a gay man in "Jay". Being a heterosexual male, he had to learn about getting into the psyche of a homosexual character.

He said that long before he started shooting for the film, he already learned a lot about gay characterization from mingling with homosexuals.

"I have a lot of gay friends. I observe them that’s why when this role was offered to me, I’m kinda already familiar with their actuations and translated them to the screen," he said.

Geisler said he does not expect to win an award for his performance.

"Para sa akin po, bonus ang nomination pero ang panalo, mas bonus pa," said the former Housemate of "Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition".

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Baron Geisler a 'gentleman' says ex-Wowowee host

At least one female has publicly come out in defense of actor Baron Geisler in the ongoing acts of lasciviousness case against him. She's former "Wowowee" host Janna Dominguez who swears that Geisler is a "gentleman".

Dominguez showed up on Wednesday at the Department of Justice preliminary investigation to attest to Geisler's being a "gentleman". She said that she's been a friend of the actor for a long time and can vouch for his proper treatment of women.

The plaintiff in the case, however, Patrizhia Martinez--daughter of actor William Martinez and actress Yayo Aguila--maintains that Geisler displayed no gentlemanly behavior toward her and even made lewd, sexual advances.

Accompanied by her lawyer Salvador Panelo, Martinez filed a counter-affidavit to the "unjust vexation" case filed against her by Geisler. The actor earlier filed the case to stop what he described as the baseless accusations of Martinez.

In her affidavit, Martinez maintained that the actor's complaint is without merit and stood firm on the acts of lasciviousness case she filed against Geisler.

Panelo also pointed out during the DOJ hearing that Geisler himself admitted to "practicing" his role as a sexual pervert (in his upcoming film, "Torotot") on Patrizhia.

The lawyer also told the DOJ that the actor was evicted from the Celebrity Edition of the Pinoy Big Brother reality TV show precisely because of sexual advances he made against his female housemates.


- Marieton Pacheco, abs-cbnnews