Friday, August 29, 2008

Making Us Proud

After the disastrous showing of the Philippine delegation at the Beijing Olympics, we’ve got some good news to share. Filipino artists continue to make the country proud with their achievements.

In this week’s issue, Reel Times proudly presents the latest batch of artists who are reaping the harvest for the good work they have done in their respective fields: actors Sid Lucero and Baron Geisler, filmmakers Lav Diaz and Francis Pasion, and young singer Tippy dos Santos.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dionne reacts against all the unfair accusations against Baron

Amidst all the issues and intrigues surrounding Baron Geisler lately, one of his biggest pillars of strength is Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 alumni Dionne Monsanto, whom he's been steadily dating for several months now. Currently a full-time student at the University of the Philippines, Dionne finally speaks up about all the issues being thrown at Baron.

"I feel very sad, not just for Baron, but for his family and his very close friends as well. Right now I'm very close with his mom, who trusts me very much and I appreciate that trust. It's really sad because people can be very judgmental. "What they see on TV, that's what they think is the truth. Its disappointing to know that people just judge based on what's shown on TV and not really make an effort to know not just what the truth is, but to know more about it," she admits.

Dionne admits that Baron has been very mature and handling things well, choosing to focus more on his career than getting bogged down by the accusations against him. "He's taking it pretty well I have to say. His family supports him fully, most especially his mom. His mom is one great mom. She's a strong woman. She's very positive and good-natured," she adds.

Although she has not had the opportunity to accompany him to court because of her daily school schedule, Dionne says Baron knows she'll show her support any way she could. "I'm happy to be by his side during all these controversies because he says that I'm a good influence in his life right now. He says na when he's with me, he doesn't drink or think of doing things like that.

"He doesn't drink as much anymore. He still drinks but that's okay because I also think that when you try to get over a vice, you have to do it gradually. And I believe that he's doing a good job," she stresses. Although Dionne would rather steer clear of the spotlight when it comes to commenting on the actor’s harassment case, the former Lobo actress shares that the incident has not tested, but in fact strengthened their relationship.

"Kasi for me, above everything else, we're friends. And when a friend does something, you're not supposed to judge him. You're supposed to just be there and give him advice. You don't cease to become someone's friend just because he may or may not have done something wrong," she insists.

Dionne also trusts Baron this instance because she knows she understands him more than anybody else. "For me, he told me early on, in one of our talks, na I'm not like any other woman and I am special to him. Kaya when I heard what about what happened that night, I wasn't affected. I really didn't believe it," she concludes.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Baron on harassment case: ‘Sana matapos na’

Baron Geisler says he is keeping his hopes high that the harassment case filed against him would soon be over, which the actor admits, is quite a burden to him.

“Kahit papaano, nakaka-torture,” he begins. “Kasi parang tingin sa ‘yo ng ibang tao masama. Hindi mo naman masisisi ang ibang tao if they treat it as if mali ka talaga.”

The actor emphasized that he has no power over other people’s opinions but he finds comfort in knowing that there are fans, who still believes in him.

In a previous interview, Baron told ABS-CBN.COM that he is not a bad guy, but simply misunderstood.

“But I’m super happy,” Baron shares. “I secretly checked a blog, nagulat ako, andami pa rin ang naniniwala sa akin. I don’t want to brag, pero overwhelming kasi para sa akin.”

He said that if there is a particular lesson he learned from the entire experience, it is setting boundaries to “strangers.”

“May mga kakilala ako na isang text lang, punta agad ako, sometimes hindi kami close,” he explains. “Para hindi na ako ma-misunderstood, I think I should set boundaries o maglagay ng konting wall pag di ko kilala. I’m an extrovert, eh. I like being myself,” he said.

Patrizha Martinez, daughter of Yayo Aguila and William Martinez, filed a harassment case against Baron, accusing him of sexually harassing her in a bar in Makati a couple of months ago. Baron denied the allegation and filed an unjust vexation case against Patrizha.

Meanwhile Baron is set to do two new movies after winning Best Actor for portraying a gay TV producer at the recently concluded Cinemalaya Film Festival.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Baron Geisler: ‘I’m tired of the bad issues.

After winning the Best Actor award for his portrayal of a gay TV producer in indie film "Jay", Baron Geisler is optimistic about the two movie offers he’s recently received. The actor admitted that his acting recognition from Cinemalaya has attracted more substantial projects.

“I’m happy that after Jay nagkaroon ng interes ang mga movie producers to get me,” shared Baron.

According to the controversial actor, one of the movie offers is a horror flick under Star Cinema and the other is a Metro Manila Film Festival entry from Viva Films. Since these projects are still in the planning stages, Baron is keeping his fingers crossed that they would push through.

Nonetheless, even without these offers, Baron still has his hands full. He’s starring in the movie Torotot with Maui Taylor, Precious Adona and Yul Servo, which will be shown in cinemas this August 20.

He is also slated to appear in ABS-CBN’s upcoming soap, "Eva Fonda", starring Cristine Reyes. With these developments in his career, Baron is very focused on erasing his bad image from the public.

“Kilala ako na with a bad boy image, gusto ko lang baliin ‘yon. To tell people, ‘Hey im not a bad boy, I’m just misunderstood,’” he revealed. “I want all my publicities or lahat ng maisusulat sa akin good. Because I’m tired of the bad issues. I want to move on and become an actor.”

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Baron not contented amid blessings

Baron Geisler's acting career progresses, his personal life keeps pulling him down. Baron was recently awarded as best actor by Cinemalaya in his remarkable performance in the independent film "Jay." He also keeps receiving positive remarks in his role in "Torotot" that will compete in Brussels Independent Film Festival.

Aside from movies, Baron is also part of the cast of upcoming ABS-CBN afternoon TV series "Eva Fonda" expected to start in September. "I feel great and happy because everybody around me congratulates me even people outside showbiz. So I am very glad with the compliments they are giving me. Those are my inspiration to work better," the actor said.

But despite all his success, he is still unsatisfied until he resolved his row with friend Yayo Aguila. Last Tuesday, during the hearing of acts of lasciviousness case filed against Baron, Martinez's camp rejected the out-of-court settlement offered by the young actor.

"It's too late for such a settlement offer. We believe that this is a good time to teach him (Geisler) a lesson and for him to realize that what he is doing is not good for him and for other people," the victim's lawyer Salvador Panelo said in a television interview. Baron who was not present during the hearing, was charged for allegedly touching sensitive part of the body of Martinez's 21-year-old daughter Patrizha Maree last April 25 at a bar in Makati.

Yayo's counter-affidavit in response to Geisler's countercharge of perjury against her and unjust vexation against Patrizhia was questioned because according to Baron's lawyer Bonifacio Alentajan it is "impossible" for Yayo to testify for daughter as she did not personally witness the incident.

Yayo was in the US when the alleged fondling incident happened. "In her sworn statement, she narrated what she heard from other people. She's not there. Her statement is purely based on hearsays meaning she is telling stories that she has no personal knowledge to," Alentajan said.

But Yayo contested that despite being away at that time, what she narrated in her statement were all true. "I'm not hurt. I'm not sad. It's just that enough for friendship for now," she said. But then for Baron, he still sticks to his counter-affidavit as a form of protection against people trying to destroy his reputation.

"My client has a right to protect himself and the only way he can do it is to file perjury case against her (Yayo)," Alentajan said. Baron also believed that he will not be receiving all his blessings at present if he really is totally a bad person. "I must be doing something right that's why God still blessed me. Maybe if I am a totally bad guy maybe God will not give me all these things. There are really many people whom we cannot convince not to be mad at me," he said.