Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Baron Geisler: 'I wasn't detained'

Controversial actor Baron Geisler has denied reports that he was detained in Venice early this month.

In a recent interview at Star Magic’s 2009 Catalogue Launch, Geisler deemed the reports as “foul” since he was in Europe with the cast of “Jay” when the issue surfaced.

“Jay,” an independent motion picture, was an entry in the Venice International Film Festival.

Although the film didn’t garner awards in the competition, Geisler was still happy as they have received a lot of positive feedback.

Geisler explained that they were set to be back in the country by Tuesday, September 2. However, he said that it was reset to Sunday, September 7 because they missed their original scheduled flight.

"There's no truth that I was detained. I just had a delayed flight because we missed our September 2 flight. That's why I arrived late," he said.

Geisler said that he cannot believe how his delayed flight to Manila would give birth to rumors that he was being detained in Venice.

"I just learned while I was in Venice that there's an issue here (in Manila) that I was inside the detention cell," he said.

Aside from the rumor, Geisler said that his delayed return to the country caused him another problem since he lost a big project with veteran actress Maricel Soriano.

He said that he was scheduled to work for the movie “Tenement” with Soriano on the first week of September. Since he failed to appear on time, his role was given to actor Eric Fructoso.

In the meantime, Geisler is finishing his shoot of “Baler,” a forthcoming film with Jericho Rosales and Anne Curtis. He is also set to be seen on “Eva Fonda,” an upcoming television series with sexy actress Cristine Reyes.

Baron snatched headlines when a sexual harassment case was filed against him by Patricia Martinez, daughter of celebrity couple William Martinez and Yayo Aguila.

Monday, September 29, 2008

DOJ set to decide on acts of lasciviousness charge vs actor Geisler

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is set to render a decision on the charge of acts of lasciviousness filed against movie and television actor Baron Geisler.

According to State Prosecutor Amando Felipe, fiscal-on-case, anytime this week his office will issue a decision regarding the criminal complaint filed by Patricia Martinez, the daughter of couple William Martinez and Yayo Aguila against Geisler.

Felipe said that her decision will be dependent on the sworn-affidavit and counter-affidavit of the complainant and the respondent, respectively.

The resolution will be submitted to Chief State Prosecutor Jovencito Zuno for approval.

The daughter of the Martinez couple filed a complaint with the PNP-CIDG (Philippine National Police-Criminal Investigation Detection Group) after the actor allegedly touched the private parts of her body in a bar in Makati City several months ago.

Geisler was reportedly drunk when he touched the breast of the complainant and whispered in her ear which he nearly bit.

The actor vehemently denied the allegations of Patricia. He also filed counter charges against the complainant.