Thursday, December 27, 2007

Baron Geisler, Forced Evicted

Baron lost himself to booze two weeks after he promised never to drink alcohol as long as he's in Kuya's abode. And this time, his fellow housemates were helpless to stop him from making a fool of himself. Spurred by his drunken state, he confronted Big Brother about feeling unloved by everyone in his household. Unfortunately for him, he didn't took the chance to calm down when Big Brother advised that he should simply sleep through his depression for whatever reason he has. Outside, the boys grew concerned especially Will who noticed that Baron's already disgracing himself in front of everyone. In a cool manner, he tried to sweet talk him to end his outrageous behavior. But Baron was beyond comprehension by then for he even threatened to hurt Will. Big Brother interceded though as he called the pasaway actor back to the confession room. This time, Baron heatedly opposed being locked in the secret room for he didn't want to miss an opportunity to be merry with the other housemates. His next statements were more damaging though for he kept on cursing Big Brother and his boarders including Mariel.

Big Brother merely waited until after Christmas day to bestow his ultimate punishment to Baron. But with the resident psychiatrist's recommendation, he first required Baron to undergo a group therapy with the rest of the housemates after showing them the video of his drunken behavior in the confession room. Clearly, everyone was shocked with his destructive words. Mariel was so hurt because she had been so tolerant and caring of him yet he still doubted her attitude towards him. On the other hand, Gaby was really pissed as she walked out in the middle of their discussion. The latter couldn't believe that Baron still harbored a grudge against her despite the talk they've had after a previous misunderstanding. As it happens, Baron cited it as one of the reasons why he felt miserable and left out that fateful night.

Now that he's clear-headed though, he merely repeated the regrets he had uttered before. What he failed to remember is the fact that the housemates have been supported of him ever since. After all that happened, they even comforted him while making him realize his faults. Sadly, Big Brother's patience ran out for he officially castigated him with a forced eviction, which Baron readily accepted. He knew that his actions called for it so he merely asked for Big Brother's forgiveness. He explained that the vulgar words he uttered were meant for himself for the personal issues that he's having a hard time to solve. But all Kuya was prepared to give him is a reminder that greater temptation awaits in the outside world. Hence, he hoped that Baron would find the courage to change not only for himself but for the sake of his family and the people who love him.

Who will follow him next for the upcoming eviction this Saturday night? The much-awaited Celebrity Big Four will soon take their rightful place.

Baron got drunk again

Baking a carrot walnut cake proved to be a long and tedious task which required strong hands for kneading the fondant dough and a quick mind to remember all the steps and ingredients to make a "perfect creation" for Ruben's wedding day. Everyone was engrossed with the activity and more so when they finally decorated it with fondant flower icings for the finishing touches. The next hours were restful though as they leisurely spent their free time chatting in small groups or playing chess. But by midnight, Mariel asked Ethel to fix herself for she felt that something's up. True enough, Big Brother gathered them in the living room to show a video of Baron's drunken behavior the other night.

As seen on PBB Primetime, Baron defied Big Brother's order not to drink booze since his last wild display of himself, which a lot of viewers frowned upon. At first, he was drunk in a good way for he was praising the good deeds of Jon, Will and Riza in the garden. Things went out of control though when he started to give Mariel the creeps with his long, hard stares and the events that followed. He claimed that he wanted to sleep by the pool and even asked Mariel to join him. Then he was also seen eating spaghetti in a messy manner. Will tried to stop his foolishness but he backed off to dissuade a fight between them.

After the viewing tonight, Ethel explained to Baron that he alone can solve his drinking problem. "I feel bad na hindi kita na-monitor. Pareho tayo ng problema. Babaeng version mo lang ako." It was only through her sheer will and support of her trusted friend did she manage to reduce her addiction to booze, the sexy comedienne shared. She further revealed that she even has a stash of alcohol in the girls bedroom. But then she didn't dare down it all for her own sake. Baron is showing signs of regret but does he really mean it this time? Will Big Brother forgive him easily after he disobeyed his rule despite his warnings? What punishment awaits the rebellious actor?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Baron is in denial

Baron refused to behave himself for he was deaf to Big Brother's reprimands. As such, Will, Ruben and Jon were assigned to sober him up by joining him in the secret room. They were explaining to him the reason why they were there when the Wild Child sneaked past the door. Still, his crazy protests to be freed were unheard. What he did next was quite repulsive though for he dangled his own briefs to the camera then his head. With that, Big Brother finally gave him one stick of cigarette on the condition that he would take his sleep right after smoking it. Just when everyone thought he was clear-headed at last, Baron lighted his cigarette on the storage room and continued his outrageous behavior. Ruben got really annoyed with his actions but the Komedyanteng Promdi thankfully got hold of his feelings.

The next morning, the Wild Child was in denial of his disgraceful manners. He claimed that he couldn't remember anything that happened anymore for he was totally smashed with the alcohol he'd consumed. Luckily for him, the girls were easily forgive his transgressions and treated the whole thing as a fun experience. However, Big Brother's all-knowing cameras recorded every shameful act he made. And the video of which was shown to him so he would hopefully realize the mistake of downing too much long island and something even stronger than that. He himself was disgusted with his actions to the point that he was denying any responsibility of all that kissing and touching. Only then did he grasp how naughty he can be when drunk.

PBB Host Toni Gonzaga that the show sends its apologies to viewers who were appalled by this spectacle. She emphasized that Big Brother didn't merely revealed this on TV for entertainment but he also wanted people to learn from Baron's experience. For the Wild Child sincerely regretted making a fool of himself. "Pakiramdam ko nabura lahat ng magandang ginawa ko. I'll make it up to you guys, sa mga tao sa labas, sa mom ko, kay kuya Donnie. Sorry talaga. Ampanget-panget talaga."Big Brother accepted his humble admission of his mistakes. But of course, Baron still has to prove his sincerity.

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Baron gets wild!

There's a reason why liquor companies warn people to drink moderately and Baron's wild antics during the housemates beach clubbing experience says it all. Initially, Big Brother brought the raving atmosphere of Bora in his abode to match Ethel's winning summer outfit. Fruit shakes and juices were first served to them. But eventually, they were treated to an unlimited supply of alcohol mixed by a pro bartender whom the Wild Child recognized from his regular drinking sprees.

But what was supposed to be a wholesome party turned into a distasteful one because of Baron's outrageous behavior. In the course of their partying, his inhibitions flew out of his head, making him more aggressive towards the girls. He kept kissing them and at one point, it seemed he even felt Ethel's breasts! Though they were tolerant of his naughtiness, Big Brother put his foot down and detained him in the confession room. As it was, the Wild Child had too much to drink for he downed successive glasses of hard alcohol. And obviously, his insolent language towards Big Brother proved that he was not fit to be in his housemates company anymore.

But he should have known better than that because Big Brother had his word that he won't do anything foolish. At the time, he even requested for cigarettes, which Big Brother turned down. In spite of this, Baron pestered Joel to share his stash, putting the bartender in a difficult spot. Gaby interceded though by bringing his pack of cigarettes in the confession room to take it far from her drunken housemate's reach. What she failed to see was Baron's sneaky moves towards the improvised bar when Joel took his break.

What other punishment awaits the Wild Child for being true to his nick name?