Thursday, February 19, 2009

Judge in Baron Geisler's harassment case inhibits self

The judge presiding over the harassment case filed by Patrizhia Martinez against actor Baron Geisler has inhibited himself from hearing the case.

In a statement released Friday, Judge Ronald Moreno of the Metropolitan Trial Court Branch 64 said he has inhibited himself from the case upon learning that several court employees received movie passes from a still unidentified individual in a hearing of the Geisler case last December 19.

Moreno said that while the movie passes have no particular monetary value, he said he would rather inhibit from the case to preserve the integrity of the court.

Geisler had pleaded not guilty to charges of acts of lasciviousness slapped against him by the 21-year-old daughter of William Martinez and Ma. Rosario “Yayo" Aguila-Martinez.

The case is set to be re-raffled before the Makati City Metropolitan Trial Court.