Wednesday, December 3, 2008

DOJ recommends acts of lasciviousness case vs actor Baron Geisler

The Department of Justice has recommended the filing of criminal charges against actor Baron Frederick Von Geisler after establishing that there is probable cause to indict him for acts of lasciviousness.

In a 14-page joint resolution, Prosecution Attorney Amanda Felipe said that after consideration of the evidence presented, probable cause to indict Geisler for one count of acts of lasciviousness was established.

Felipe, meanwhile, dismissed Geisler’s complaint of unjust vexation filed against complainant Patrizha Maree Martinez and his complaint of perjury against Steffanie Ann Chua Barrios and Patrizha’s mother, actress Ma. Rosario “Yayo” Aguila-Martinez.

“After a careful and thoughtful consideration of the evidence presented in the above captioned cases, the undersigned investigating prosecutor finds that there is probable cause to indict Baron for acts of lasciviousness but no probable cause to indict Patrizha of unjust vexation, and Steffanie and Yayo for perjury,” said Felipe in the resolution which was approved by Chief State Prosecutor Jovencito Zuño.

In his complaint of unjust vexation against Patrizha, Geisler alleged that Patrizha’s act of rubbing her lips and tongue against his left ear tickled him and caused him annoyance, vexation, disturbance or irritation. As such, Geisler said he pushed Patrizha away, accidentally hitting her breasts with his hands and hurriedly left the bar. Geisler claimed that the night ended without any untoward incident. In her counter-affidavit, Patrizha denied Geisler’s allegations and maintained that the complaint of unjust vexation has no legal or factual basis “being a poor afterthought.”

The DOJ ruled in favor of Patrizha saying that the timing of the filing of Geisler’s unjust vexation complaint “casts serious doubts on the veracity of his allegations.” “The claim of Baron that Patrizha’s lips and tongue rubbed on his left ear, tickling him and causing him annoyance, irritation, vexation, or disturbance to his mind that was why he pushed Patrizha away, accidentally hitting her breasts with his hands is unbelievable and contrary to the statements he made in various television interviews regarding the said incident,” the DOJ said.

Geisler in his counter-affidavit, told the DOJ that it was Patrizha, whom he claimed to be intoxicated, as the one who wanted to be alone with him, and was the one who allegedly made advances on him on the night of April 25, inside the Fiama bar in Makati City.

Geisler, in his seven-page counter-affidavit, also asked the DOJ to dismiss the acts of lasciviousness complaint filed against him by Patrizha, daughter of actors Yayo Aguila and William Martinez.

“It was complainant who hugged respondent (Geisler) very tight, burying her chest into respondent’s abdomen and her face in the armpit, causing the latter terrible annoyance and irritation. Naturally complainant felt that her breasts was being touched,” Geisler said in his counter-affidavit. Geisler also claimed that the complainant rubbed her lips and tongue in his left ear, “causing him annoyance.” In the process, Geisler said he had accidentally hit the complainant’s breast with his hands when he tried to push her away. According to Geisler he then immediately left the bar after the incident.